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Weedbusting Workshop 1pm-4-m Sunday 17 May 2015

Come along and learn about “weedbusters” and how it can help in your weeding efforts, learn about the latest techniques and products to beat the weeds. Bring along a weed/plant to be identified, learn about funding that could help with your weed control. Venue Southland Community Nursery park at 183 Grant Road and walk through to Nursery. Worksop is free but booking essential - RSVP by Friday 15 May to Randall Milne on 0800 76 88 45 or email

Bushy Point Work Day 1-3pm Sunday 17 May 2015

Join our monthly work day at Bushy Point. Sorry about the clash with the weedbusters workshop, but if you are the sort of person who wants to get into it, rather than talk about it then join Barry Smith (2131500) and help out with jobs that need to be done at the reserve. Walk through from Bryson Road to the pond where Barry will be working.

Native Plant Sale - SCN - Sun 19 April 2015 - 1pm-3pm

Enhance your gardens, bush, attract native birds, create a wetland with very affordable native plants grown from locally sourced seed and cuttings.

Southland Community Nursery, 185 Grant Road, Otatara.

1pm-3pm - contact Chris 213 1161

Bushy Point Work Day Sun 12 April 15

Join OLG members in their monthly maintenance of Bushy Point. An hour or ten minutes - we’ll be pleased to see you. 1pm-3pm enter from Bryson Road entrance

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