Darwins Barberry


Unfortunately the native plants, birds and animals of Otatara are under threat from introduced animals and plants (weeds).

Introduced animal pests kill our native birds – eating their eggs and chicks. They also feed on native insects and lizards, and some eat leaves, seeds and fruit of native trees.

Weeds threaten our native plants and trees by taking over their habitat.

Pest and weed control is an important and necessary part of conservation in Otatara.

Animal Pests

New Zealand only has two native land mammals – both of which are bats. That means that all the other land mammals found here have been introduced from other countries. Unfortunately, some of them like to eat our native birds, insects and lizards - and are very good at it!

Who am I? Activity Cards

Who am I? - Help Fantail find out who his enemies are.

Learn more about the animal pests found in Otatara. You’ll also learn about what the Otatara Landcare Group is doing to control pests at Bushy Point.


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