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Unfortunately the native plants, birds and animals of Otatara are under threat from introduced animals and plants.

Introduced animal pests kill our native birds – eating their eggs and chicks. They also feed on native insects and lizards, and some eat leaves, seeds and fruit of native trees.

Pest plants (weeds) threaten our native plants and trees by taking over their habitat.

Animal and Plant pest control is an important and necessary part of conservation in Otatara.

Pest Animals

New Zealand only has two native land mammals – both of which are bats. That means that all the other land mammals found here have been introduced from other countries. Unfortunately, some of them like to eat our native birds, insects and lizards - and are very good at it! 

The most common and destructive animal pests in Otatara are rats, possums and mustelids (stoats, ferrets and weasels). Join the Otatara Pestbusters and make a difference to local birdlife and native plants and animals by controlling animal pests on your property. To get information about the Otatara Pestbusters or purchase bait contact Dallas Bradley 2130234 Or email amberg2@gmail.com

Who am I? Activity Cards

Who am I? - Help Fantail find out who his enemies are.

Learn more about the animal pests found in Otatara. You’ll also learn about what the Otatara Landcare Group is doing to control pests at Bushy Point.

Pest Plants (Weeds)

Check out our list of the Ten Worst Weeds in Otatara.