Blue damselfly

Beaut Bugs

We are have a great variety of beaut bugs in Otatara – including beetles, butterflies, moths, spiders and more.

What lives here?

Find out what beaut bugs live in Otatara. See our What lives here? list.

Beaut Bugs ID Cards

Use our Beaut Bugs ID cards (PDF, 0.99 MB) to identify common bugs in Otatara. How many ‘beaut bugs’ can you find on your next Otatara adventure? How many can you find in your backyard?

Who did that?

Get investigating and find out more about the beaut bugs at your place.

Who did that? (PDF, 895.22 kB) has 7 mystery objects and key questions to ask yourself. Answer cards are also provided.

Find me

Find me - gives useful tips on finding bugs at your place.

How bug-friendly is your place?

How bug-friendly is your place? (PDF, 34.64 kB) - use our tick sheet to find out how bug-friendly your place is. Your place could be your garden, school, kindy or local park.