Tui feeding on kowhai flowers


Otatara and Sandy Point are home to a wide variety of native birds. Over 70 different kinds of birds have been recorded in this area. The diversity in habitat means we have bush birds, wetland birds and coastal specialists.

What lives here?

Find out what birds live in Otatara. See our What lives here? list.

Who am I? Activity Cards

Who am I? (PDF, 638.74 kB) - Help Fantail find his friends.

Learn more about the bush birds living in Otatara. There are 8 cards with clues and 8 answer cards. How many of these birds have you seen in the bush around Otatara?

Find me

Find me - gives useful tips on attracting birds to your place, and useful links for identifying birds.

How bird-friendly is your place?

How bird-friendly is your place? (PDF, 113.59 kB) - use our tick sheet to find out how bird-friendly your place is. Your place could be your garden, school, kindy or local park.

Found an injured bird?

Russell and May Evans at Bush Haven, Otatara, will take and look after injured tui and kereru. They also welcome school visits by prior arrangement.