Brown tree frog

Lizards & Frogs

There are no native frogs in Otatara. Golden Bell frogs from Australia used to be common here, however their numbers dropped suddenly in the mid 1990s. They are now thought to be extinct here. There is only one remaining frog species still found in Otatara – the brown tree frog from Tasmania.

Lizards are also uncommon, but you’ll sometimes see skinks. Sightings of geckos are rare.

Skinks at Bushy Point

During a survey in 2011, 51 skinks were found at Bushy Point. They belonged to two different species, mostly common skinks (Oligosoma polychroma) and a smaller number of cryptic skinks (Oligosoma inconspicuum). Both species are present in quite good numbers in Southland.

Who am I? Activity cards

Who am I? (PDF, 283.69 kB) - Help Fantail find his friends.

Learn more about the lizards and frogs living in Otatara. There are 2 cards with clues and 2 answer cards.

Find me

Find me - gives useful tips on attracting frogs and skinks to your place.

How skink-friendly is your place?

How skink-friendly is your place? (PDF, 26.07 kB) - use our tick sheet to find out how bird-friendly your place is. Your place could be your garden, school, kindy or local park.