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1000 more plants in the ground at Bushy Point!

On Sunday 10th September, the annual Bushy Point Planting Day took place with 100 people, including 40 children, coming along to help. The plants had been moved onto site from the Southland Community Nursery the previous Friday and were in position for the willing planters to dig holes, plant and cover with combi-guards. The plants – red tussock for the hill, so we retain our estuary views, kapuka/broadleaf, kohuhu/black mapou, tarata/lemonwood, Ti kouka/cabbage tree, kotukutuku/tree fuchsia, mingimingi/coprosma, manuka, totara, karamu/Coprosma lucida were all planted to restore the area with locally sourced native plants.

This years planting adds to the previous 20 + years and according to Barry’s records totals 35,325 trees in the ground and 19,343.4 Hours of volunteer time spent on this project. Thanks to all involved.