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Eco-Fun Day Sunday 4 November starting at 1pm

Start at the Southland Community Nursery at 1pm and pick up your passport

(Please park at 183 Grant Road car park then follow the signs)

Come along and explore Bushy Point – an area on Invercargill’s doorstep where we can see New Zealand forest as it used to be.  Bushy Point is also a site where you can be part of a conservation-in-action programme!  This exciting restoration project is returning natural habitats to the area by linking together existing forest remnants. 

The Eco Fun Day will make the most of the Bushy Point walking track, nature walk and activities, the pond and planted areas.  Our day will also take advantage of the Southland Community Nursery Education Centre’s attractions.  We will identify bugs and plants, discover the uses of some plants and help the Otatara Landcare Group to plant more trees in this forest-in-the-making.  We will see what lives in the pond and try our hand at boat building.  This is a fun-filled family afternoon and we welcome you to join us.  This is a family event so it is essential that each child or group of children is accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them - parents and grandparents have fun too!

Contact Chris Rance (Southland Community Nursery) 2131161 or KCC Coordinator Bronwyn 213 0017, Enable JavaScript to view protected content.  for further details.