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Events for February 2021

Tree releasing at Bushy Point – Wednesday Nights 6.30-7.30pm

Otatara Landcare Group is organising tree releasing sessions at Bushy Point each Wednesday in February and possibly into March, from 6.30-7.30pm, weather permitting.

Meet at the Bryson Rd entrance to Bushy Point.

The plantings carried out on Tree Planting Day last September will be checked first, then we will move on to other areas where some seedlings still need releasing from encroaching grass etc if they are to survive and prosper. Various methods can be used to release the trees and suppress competing grass growth, as will be shown.

Please bring:

shoes or gumboots suitable for working in long grass

gardening gloves

clothing suitable for the expected weather conditions

a face mask if you are allergic to dust or grass seeds

safety (or other) glasses to protect eyes when weeding amid tall grass stalks

optionally, a pair of sharp garden shears suitable for cutting grass.

Please contact Douglas Black on 022 104 8661 for more information or to find out where we are working on the night.