What we do

Firstly, members of Otatara Pestbusters undertake pest control within the Invercargill City Council and DoC Reserves in Otatara, those being the Otatara Scenic Reserve on Dunns Road, Bushy Point at the east end of Bryson Road, the Otatara South Reserve at the end of Huruhuru Road, the Taiepa Dune Reserve, John Street Reserve, Matua Road Reserve, Parnell Sanctuary and Bowmans Bush.

Secondly, members of Otatara Pestbusters undertake pest control on their own properties. Most members just control rats, but several control possums and some have mustelid (ferrets, stoats and weasel) traps as well.

Thirdly, the Otatara Pestbusters works under the umbrella of the Otatara Landcare Group to promote pest control, offer pest control advice, provide cheap Pest Control Supplies (pest control traps, bait stations and bait), coordinate pest control activities and maintain a database of properties on which pest control is being undertaken.

Along with Otatara Landcare Group pest control on DoC land/reserves at Bushy Point, Otatara South Reserve and along the Estuary margin, this collective effort has resulted in a noticeable increase in birds, both native and non native in Otatara.